Everyone heard are rejoicing, there is no better news. However, to repair this circle, the material world is definitely needed top are all God expected, because it is to cross , the general things simply can not. Nuisance Baldy wrote two dozen direct materials, handed over the cloud sea , let him spot suck air conditioning, which consumes too terrible. "Some of the material , the mountain god is my treasure also not ah ." You know, do not know the treasure that has accumulated many years, but can still lose some of the material of God , the world is hard to find , so that they burst big head . "There is no way to go through , in combination with other mountain , God removed the material together , otherwise there is no chance ." Cloud sea very decisive decision. " Material , I have told you , and quickly collect it but wanted me to fix , Wholesale nfl jerseys supply or just to say that you owe me some love, so you want to take my family this baby girl , promised to give this kid ." Two bald and Joseph started up . "I then again, as long as the cloud Xi like , I would agree ." Cloud sea smiling . "Grandpa ! " Cloud Xi Nao Lege blush on the spot , watching a group of uncles are looking , staring at her, she burst Xiufen , Shi Hao also want to beat meal . "Well , it does not say , and finally left for you to decide for themselves , Wholesale nfl jerseys factory who can not interfere ." Cloud sea , laughing. Linger eye fire god appeared Xia , watching clouds Xi , said: . " It does not matter , when I did this to help you solve the threat of gross griffin " Yun Xi heterochromatic Wholesale nfl jerseys eyes appear , in retrospect , she smiled and said nothing. This time , Stone Hao long fugue Void , but simply do not care about the farm crowd , but others can not see that group stared at the hazy figure, is a cluster and a cluster of fire worship of the gods , still if the three thousand of the Wholesale nfl jerseys paypal world surfaced of worship which that road slender figure.